Tattoo Co.


When our schedule allows, we enjoy hosting talented guest artists.

To be considered, guest artists must have at least 3 years professional shop experience and a strong portfolio.  To submit your request, please email us at with your desired dates as well as your instagram username.

Please be aware that this is an appointment-only studio.  This means that we do not have walk-ins and you must book your own appointments prior to your arrival. You must also provide your valid BBP certification and photo ID.* Once your spot is confirmed, we will announce your guest spot on social media (if desired).

Your guest spot is not confirmed until we receive your BBP certificate. This is required by state law for the safety of clients as well as artists. Remarks about other studios not asking you for this does not bode well for you or that studio. You must have a valid BBP certificate to tattoo in our studio - no exceptions.

Please note that our schedules are hectic, our space is limited and we receive a lot of requests.  Even if you know the owners, please do not assume that it is ok to drop in for a guest spot on short notice or without submitting a request.  Thank you!

*International Guests: If you are traveling from another country, you must have the correct documents required by law for your visit.  Requirements may vary depending on your individual circumstances.